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NCPP Coating Technologies

(Nano-Crystallization Pores Penetration)

We has widely utilize Nano-Structured “NCPP” Coating Technologies integrated with non-destructive methods for concrete and rock surface protection, waterproofing, thermal insulation, anti-corrosion, self-cleansing and deodorization on both existing and new buildings.

4 Major of NCPP Coating Technologies

- Integrated Waterproofing Membrane (IWM)

- Anti-attack Surface (NAS) Protection

- ThermoCRETE (Temperature Regulation)

- SolarlAQ System

Anti-attack Surface (NAS) Protection
Dealing with:

Excessive Alkaine / Efflorescence / Dirt (Stains, Dust, Tape Stains,Mould) / Peeling Paint / moisture accumuated by impermeable paint / Dampwood / Anti-Rust / Prevent Rust / Anti-Skid on Floor Deck

Integrated Waterproofing Membrane (IWM)
Dealing with:

Leakage  /Corrosion / Cracks  / thermal contraction and expansion / Bad connection between new and  old layers of concrete

ThermoCRETE (Temperature Regulation)
Dealing with:

Heat Insulation / Condensation Water / High heat insulating performance saves energy, and thus electricity costs / life extension for brick, tile, metal, paint and modified bitumen and other building materials

SolarlAQ System
(Air Quality Improvement  and Self-Cleansing)
Dealing with:

Anit-Bacteria and Disinfection / VOCs, PM 2.5 and formaldehydes Decomposition / Mould Decomposition / Dust Removal / Deodourization

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