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Introduction about GreenTech Project.

Vertical Green Walls System

20210225 (24).jpg
EMSD Headquarter
20191019 (12).jpg
Petros Head Office
WhatsApp Image 2021-03-12 at
CEO Central Government Complex
GW1834 (2).jpg
China life Centre
GW1830 (4).jpg
Shaw Studios
20190514 (3).jpg
Tai Po Water Treatment Facilities
20180802 (5).jpg
Lee Garden Three Office
GW1821 (12).jpg
Lok Wo Sha Lane at Ma On Shan
20191022 (1).jpg
Tai Lin Pai Road
深圳書城 (9).jpg
Shenzhen Book City
20191112 (1).jpg
No.23 Sung On Street
GW1706 (3).jpg
No. 650 Cheung Sha Wan
20180426 (1).JPG
EMSD Headquarter Lobby
Vision City.JPG
Vision City
Tuen Mun Road Town Center Section
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