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Introduction about SolarTech Service.

Air Improvement PhotoVoltaic

(AIPV) System

Air Improvement
PM2.5 Air Pollutant Decomposition 
Power Generation
Sustainable Energy
Self Cleansing
Dust Removal 
Environmentally Friendly
Low Carbon Footprint , 90%+ Material Recyclable
Kills Virus & Bacteria
Kill 99.999% Virus & Bacteria(Including Coronavirus)
AIPV Kiosk Photo 3.jpg
AIPV Kiosk Photo 4.jpg

AIPV System

is apparently the most environmentally friendly photovoltaic system in the market. It consists of AIPV modules which generates renewable energy through Cadmium Telluride photovoltaic cells laminated within (CDTE Technology). 

Integrated with the super durable SolarIAQ-APSC Top Coating System, it purifies and improves quality of surrounding air by decomposition and removal of organic air pollutants including automobile emissions, VOCs and PM2.5. It has significantly less pollution emission and carbon footprint during manufacturing of modules comparing to ordinary crystalline silicon technology, and can be recycled after end of life, making it the most environmental preserving PV system among other major PV technologies.

In addition, AIPV System has the widest application among other PV systems. Apart from ordinary rooftop application, it is also technically equipped for fulfillment of architectural aesthetics in building integration (BIPV application). AIPV is one of the few modules which choice of different light transparency (up to 75%) is presence with homogeneous appearance. It has self-cleansing ability due to its super durable APSC top coating. The module size, shape and colour can be custom made for project specific requirement; and can be installed at different orientations while maintaining adequate power generation efficiency due to its outstanding weak light performance.

Please              with our technical team learn more about AIPV System.

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